How To Use The Create Mod Schematicannon

Follow this guide or watch the video below. To use a schematic download the nbt file from the page of the schematic you would like to use in your Minecraft world. Make sure you have the Create mod installed.

Then navigate to your Minecraft instance folder, if you have launched the game at least once you should see a folder called schematics. Put any nbt files you downloaded into this folder. You do not need to restart minecraft to see the nbt files in-game.

Next you will need a Schematic Table to import this into your world. Put a Empty Schematic into the left slot in the table. You should be able to select the schematic you put in the folder via the table and then press play to import the schematic.

This will now generate a Schematic which you can place into the world by holding the Schematic in your right hand. Once you are happy with the placement you can place the schematic in your Schematicannon. If you are in Creative Mode you can simply select the checkmark while holding the schematic to place the blocks.

Make sure the Schematicannon has gunpowder loaded. You can also use a book or clipboard to get a material list in the top right corner of the Schematicannon interface. The materials need to be placed in a storage directly next to or under the Schematicannon. A chest will usually suffice but for large builds I prefer using an item vault under the cannon.

Once all materials have been gathered you can insert your material checklist to check that everything is there. After that simply press play and watch the Schematicannon build the schematic in your world.