Airship by Migz

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Uploaded by uberswe768

This was an Airship from one of my sponsored videos. I hired a builder called Migz on Fiverr to build this using only the base Create mod.




1  X 
Glass minecraft:glass
4461  X 
Cut Limestone create:cut_limestone
430  X 
Stripped Spruce Log minecraft:stripped_spruce_log
447  X 
Stripped Dark Oak Wood minecraft:stripped_dark_oak_wood
932  X 
White Wool minecraft:white_wool
653  X 
White Concrete minecraft:white_concrete
633  X 
Calcite minecraft:calcite
347  X 
Polished Cut Limestone create:polished_cut_limestone
166  X 
Vertical Framed Glass create:vertical_framed_glass
39  X 
Cut Limestone Slab create:cut_limestone_slab
38  X 
Waxed Cut Copper minecraft:waxed_cut_copper
1641  X 
Polished Cut Ochrum create:polished_cut_ochrum
1840  X 
Cut Ochrum create:cut_ochrum
405  X 
Cut Veridium create:cut_veridium
258  X 
Polished Cut Ochrum Slab create:polished_cut_ochrum_slab
270  X 
Cut Ochrum Slab create:cut_ochrum_slab
216  X 
Cut Dripstone create:cut_dripstone
105  X 
Polished Cut Dripstone create:polished_cut_dripstone
31  X 
Polished Cut Limestone Slab create:polished_cut_limestone_slab
1779  X 
Andesite Casing create:andesite_casing
208  X 
Oak Log minecraft:oak_log
106  X 
Andesite minecraft:andesite
65  X 
Spruce Planks minecraft:spruce_planks
93  X 
Cobblestone minecraft:cobblestone
97  X 
Stone minecraft:stone
30  X 
Iron Ore minecraft:iron_ore
7  X 
Raw Iron Block minecraft:raw_iron_block
715  X 
Brass Casing create:brass_casing
68  X 
Stone Bricks minecraft:stone_bricks
51  X 
Andesite Pillar create:andesite_pillar
16  X 
Cut Andesite Bricks create:cut_andesite_bricks
72  X 
Copper Casing create:copper_casing
139  X 
Railway Casing create:railway_casing
3  X 
Polished Cut Scorchia create:polished_cut_scorchia
1  X 
Smooth Quartz minecraft:smooth_quartz
1  X 
Light Gray Wool minecraft:light_gray_wool
9  X 
Gold Block minecraft:gold_block
10  X 
Raw Gold Block minecraft:raw_gold_block
4  X 
Gold Ore minecraft:gold_ore
9  X 
Orange Wool minecraft:orange_wool
13  X 
Yellow Wool minecraft:yellow_wool
56  X 
Spruce Slab minecraft:spruce_slab
226  X 
Spruce Stairs minecraft:spruce_stairs
296  X 
Cut Limestone Stairs create:cut_limestone_stairs
19  X 
Spruce Trapdoor minecraft:spruce_trapdoor
15  X 
Polished Cut Limestone Wall create:polished_cut_limestone_wall
35  X 
Cut Limestone Wall create:cut_limestone_wall
30  X 
Polished Cut Limestone Stairs create:polished_cut_limestone_stairs
16  X 
White Sail create:white_sail
58  X 
Cut Ochrum Wall create:cut_ochrum_wall
55  X 
Polished Cut Ochrum Wall create:polished_cut_ochrum_wall
459  X 
Cut Ochrum Stairs create:cut_ochrum_stairs
451  X 
Polished Cut Ochrum Stairs create:polished_cut_ochrum_stairs
6  X 
Polished Blackstone Brick Wall minecraft:polished_blackstone_brick_wall
10  X 
Andesite Ladder create:andesite_ladder
1  X 
Polished Cut Dripstone Stairs create:polished_cut_dripstone_stairs
754  X 
Spruce Fence minecraft:spruce_fence
15  X 
Rail minecraft:rail
30  X 
Birch Trapdoor minecraft:birch_trapdoor
2  X 
Stone Stairs minecraft:stone_stairs
11  X 
Lantern minecraft:lantern
41  X 
Metal Girder create:metal_girder
11  X 
Light Gray Seat create:light_gray_seat
8  X 
Cobblestone Stairs minecraft:cobblestone_stairs
18  X 
Dark Oak Trapdoor minecraft:dark_oak_trapdoor
3  X 
Dark Oak Pressure Plate minecraft:dark_oak_pressure_plate
17  X 
Polished Cut Scorchia Stairs create:polished_cut_scorchia_stairs
1  X 
Chipped Anvil minecraft:chipped_anvil
8  X 
Copper Door create:copper_door
6  X 
Brass Door create:brass_door
81  X 
End Rod minecraft:end_rod
2  X 
Andesite Stairs minecraft:andesite_stairs
2  X 
Chain minecraft:chain
17  X 
Controls create:controls
3  X 
Cobblestone Wall minecraft:cobblestone_wall
512  X 
Copycat Panel create:copycat_panel
565  X 
Copycat Step create:copycat_step
8  X 
Radial Chassis create:radial_chassis
4  X 
Mechanical Bearing create:mechanical_bearing
19  X 
Creative Motor create:creative_motor
48  X 
Fluid Pipe create:fluid_pipe
74  X 
Shaft create:shaft
9  X 
Cogwheel create:cogwheel
2  X 
Encased Fan create:encased_fan
8  X 
Large Water Wheel create:large_water_wheel
3  X 
Andesite Encased Shaft create:andesite_encased_shaft
5  X 
Flywheel create:flywheel
123  X 
Barrel minecraft:barrel
42  X 
Chest minecraft:chest
19  X 
Fluid Tank create:fluid_tank
8  X 
Glass Fluid Pipe create:glass_fluid_pipe
3  X 
Large Cogwheel create:large_cogwheel
72  X 
Item Vault create:item_vault
5  X 
Mechanical Arm create:mechanical_arm
1  X 
Depot create:depot
1  X 
Jukebox minecraft:jukebox
1  X 
Cuckoo Clock create:cuckoo_clock
15  X 
Display Board create:display_board
2  X 
Tuff minecraft:tuff