Basic Ice Farm

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Uploaded by uberswe

This is a basic ice farm I created which generates about 2000 ice per hour. This requires a player to be nearby and you need to supply it with silk touched pickaxes. After importing the schematic you will need to place water on each stair block and then also place some water or lava to power the water wheel. Then simply flip the powered toggle latch to start the farm. Ice will be outputted into the chest under the farm itself.




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Smart Chute create:smart_chute
1  X 
Gantry Carriage create:gantry_carriage
37  X 
Gantry Shaft create:gantry_shaft
4  X 
Redstone Link create:redstone_link
2  X 
Portable Storage Interface create:portable_storage_interface
200  X 
Stone Stairs minecraft:stone_stairs
1  X 
Powered Toggle Latch create:powered_toggle_latch
2  X 
Stone Slab minecraft:stone_slab
9  X 
Deployer create:deployer
12  X 
Oak Planks minecraft:oak_planks
1  X 
Redstone Wire minecraft:redstone_wire
1100  X 
Stone minecraft:stone
3  X 
Redstone Contact create:redstone_contact
10  X 
Chest minecraft:chest
1  X 
Gearshift create:gearshift
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Water Wheel create:water_wheel