Bee Inc. Honey Farm

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Uploaded by uberswe

This was a honey farm that I created on my Create mod SMP originally called "Tech Server" and later referred to as "Cogs & Trains SMP". It produces both honey and honey combs automatically and features a honey fall in the middle. Trains can pick up both honey and honey combs at the bottom.


Thermal Series
Create Deco
Immersive Engineering


22097  X 
Stone minecraft:stone
4383  X 
Dirt minecraft:dirt
1  X 
Niter Ore thermal:niter_ore
38  X 
Tin Ore mekanism:tin_ore
136  X 
Copper Ore minecraft:copper_ore
9  X 
Osmium Ore mekanism:osmium_ore
2186  X 
Limestone create:limestone
617  X 
Gravel minecraft:gravel
1128  X 
Diorite minecraft:diorite
1119  X 
Calcite minecraft:calcite
321  X 
Coal Ore minecraft:coal_ore
4450  X 
Dark Oak Planks minecraft:dark_oak_planks
447  X 
Granite minecraft:granite
1738  X 
Grass Block minecraft:grass_block
7  X 
Nickel Ore thermal:nickel_ore
22  X 
Apatite Ore thermal:apatite_ore
19  X 
Zinc Ore create:zinc_ore
16  X 
Iron Ore minecraft:iron_ore
4  X 
Lapis Ore minecraft:lapis_ore
141  X 
Mossy Cobblestone minecraft:mossy_cobblestone
68  X 
Cobblestone minecraft:cobblestone
13  X 
Birch Log minecraft:birch_log
116  X 
Oak Log minecraft:oak_log
3955  X 
Spruce Planks minecraft:spruce_planks
343  X 
Glowstone 1 chipped:glowstone_1
974  X 
Oak Leaves minecraft:oak_leaves
165  X 
Andesite minecraft:andesite
167  X 
Tuff minecraft:tuff
4144  X 
Yellow Concrete minecraft:yellow_concrete
1126  X 
Yellow Wool minecraft:yellow_wool
128  X 
Birch Leaves minecraft:birch_leaves
77  X 
Mossy Stone Bricks minecraft:mossy_stone_bricks
235  X 
Stone Bricks minecraft:stone_bricks
99  X 
Cracked Stone Bricks minecraft:cracked_stone_bricks
479  X 
Birch Planks minecraft:birch_planks
406  X 
Birch Slab minecraft:birch_slab
923  X 
Framed Glass create:framed_glass
368  X 
Yellow Glazed Terracotta minecraft:yellow_glazed_terracotta
42  X 
Glowstone minecraft:glowstone
42  X 
Raw Gold Block minecraft:raw_gold_block
216  X 
Spruce Slab minecraft:spruce_slab
15  X 
Gold Sheet Metal createdeco:gold_sheet_metal
2  X 
Brown Concrete minecraft:brown_concrete
709  X 
Yellow Terracotta minecraft:yellow_terracotta
1006  X 
Orange Terracotta minecraft:orange_terracotta
23  X 
Spruce Log minecraft:spruce_log
3  X 
Bookshelf 10 chipped:bookshelf_10
1  X 
Bookshelf minecraft:bookshelf
232  X 
Honeycomb Block minecraft:honeycomb_block
12  X 
Brown Wool minecraft:brown_wool
39  X 
Azalea Leaves minecraft:azalea_leaves
50  X 
Flowering Azalea Leaves minecraft:flowering_azalea_leaves
9  X 
Moss Block minecraft:moss_block
26  X 
Dark Oak Leaves minecraft:dark_oak_leaves
18  X 
Smooth Quartz minecraft:smooth_quartz
32  X 
Yellow Glazed Terracotta 5 chipped:yellow_glazed_terracotta_5
52  X 
Bauxite Ore immersiveengineering:ore_aluminum
12746  X 
Honey create:honey
36  X 
Grass minecraft:grass
39  X 
Cave Air minecraft:cave_air
8  X 
Ore Lead immersiveengineering:ore_lead
37  X 
White Tulip minecraft:white_tulip
22  X 
Cave Vines minecraft:cave_vines
56  X 
Tripwire minecraft:tripwire
3  X 
Redstone Wall Torch minecraft:redstone_wall_torch
71  X 
Cave Vines Plant minecraft:cave_vines_plant
6  X 
Redstone Wire minecraft:redstone_wire
149  X 
Vine minecraft:vine
51  X 
Dark Oak Stairs minecraft:dark_oak_stairs
178  X 
Birch Stairs minecraft:birch_stairs
5  X 
Birch Trapdoor 7 chipped:birch_trapdoor_7
91  X 
Track create:track
14  X 
Allium minecraft:allium
16  X 
Oxeye Daisy minecraft:oxeye_daisy
52  X 
Cornflower minecraft:cornflower
14  X 
Lilac minecraft:lilac
2  X 
Lantern 4 chipped:lantern_4
2  X 
Redstone Torch minecraft:redstone_torch
2  X 
Iron Door minecraft:iron_door
22  X 
Rose Bush minecraft:rose_bush
20  X 
Peony minecraft:peony
2  X 
Oak Button minecraft:oak_button
132  X 
Deepslate Brick Wall minecraft:deepslate_brick_wall
60  X 
Stone Brick Wall minecraft:stone_brick_wall
127  X 
Chain minecraft:chain
59  X 
Orange Tulip minecraft:orange_tulip
11  X 
Gold Sheet Slab createdeco:gold_sheet_slab
75  X 
Red Tulip minecraft:red_tulip
1  X 
Pulley Magnet create:pulley_magnet
5  X 
Rope create:rope
36  X 
Pink Tulip minecraft:pink_tulip
3  X 
Lily Of The Valley minecraft:lily_of_the_valley
18  X 
Azure Bluet minecraft:azure_bluet
1  X 
Yellow Seat create:yellow_seat
1  X 
Spruce Trapdoor minecraft:spruce_trapdoor
8  X 
Yellow Carpet minecraft:yellow_carpet
2  X 
Birch Pressure Plate minecraft:birch_pressure_plate
1  X 
Potted Red Tulip minecraft:potted_red_tulip
1  X 
Potted Orange Tulip minecraft:potted_orange_tulip
4  X 
Framed Glass Door create:framed_glass_door
3  X 
Spore Blossom minecraft:spore_blossom
1  X 
Lever minecraft:lever
19  X 
Smooth Quartz Slab minecraft:smooth_quartz_slab
10  X 
Smooth Quartz Stairs minecraft:smooth_quartz_stairs
64  X 
Gearbox create:gearbox
11  X 
Redstone Link create:redstone_link
169  X 
Shaft create:shaft
3  X 
Rotation Speed Controller create:rotation_speed_controller
98  X 
Andesite Encased Shaft create:andesite_encased_shaft
2  X 
Sequenced Gearshift create:sequenced_gearshift
4  X 
Track Station create:track_station
2  X 
Comparator minecraft:comparator
3  X 
Large Cogwheel create:large_cogwheel
2  X 
Track Signal create:track_signal
2  X 
Mechanical Bearing create:mechanical_bearing
58  X 
Fake Track create:fake_track
81  X 
Item Vault create:item_vault
112  X 
Belt create:belt
2  X 
White Bed minecraft:white_bed
6  X 
Barrel minecraft:barrel
4  X 
Barrel 11 chipped:barrel_11
6  X 
Barrel chipped:barrel_14
14  X 
Brass Belt Funnel create:brass_belt_funnel
53  X 
Fluid Pipe create:fluid_pipe
32  X 
Chute create:chute
2  X 
Hose Pulley create:hose_pulley
2  X 
Hand Crank create:hand_crank
2  X 
Content Observer create:content_observer
1  X 
Display Link create:display_link
5  X 
Cogwheel create:cogwheel
5  X 
Mechanical Pump create:mechanical_pump
14  X 
Glass Fluid Pipe create:glass_fluid_pipe
10  X 
Display Board create:display_board
2  X 
Portable Fluid Interface create:portable_fluid_interface
2  X 
Portable Storage Interface create:portable_storage_interface
1  X 
Fluid Tank create:fluid_tank
12  X 
Smart Chute create:smart_chute
4  X 
Encased Chain Drive create:encased_chain_drive
8  X 
Dark Oak Wall Sign minecraft:dark_oak_wall_sign
44  X 
Bee Nest minecraft:bee_nest
1  X 
Gearshift create:gearshift
1  X 
Rope Pulley create:rope_pulley
2  X 
Pulse Extender create:pulse_extender
1  X 
Clutch create:clutch
8  X 
Beehive minecraft:beehive
1  X 
Weighted Ejector create:weighted_ejector
10  X 
Deployer create:deployer
2  X 
Chest minecraft:chest