Cobble n Goods

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Uploaded by uberswe

This is a train I designed for my server which is used for transporting any type of items but is themed more for cobblestone. There are portable storage interfaces on top which are sort of hidden and hard to see that a station could connect to.


Create : Misc & Things


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Framed Glass Trapdoor create:framed_glass_trapdoor
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Barrel minecraft:barrel
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Fluid Tank create:fluid_tank
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Steam Whistle create:steam_whistle
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Brass Ladder create:brass_ladder
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Cobblestone Slab minecraft:cobblestone_slab
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Polished Deepslate Stairs minecraft:polished_deepslate_stairs
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Polished Deepslate minecraft:polished_deepslate
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Polished Deepslate Slab minecraft:polished_deepslate_slab
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Crushing Wheel create:crushing_wheel
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Orange Valve Handle create:orange_valve_handle
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Portable Storage Interface create:portable_storage_interface
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Train Door create:train_door
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Placard create:placard
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Stripped Oak Log minecraft:stripped_oak_log
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Controls create:controls
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Cobblestone minecraft:cobblestone
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Light Blue Seat create:light_blue_seat
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Andesite Casing Trapdoor create_things_and_misc:andesite_casing_trapdoor
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Steam Whistle Extension create:steam_whistle_extension
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Small Bogey create:small_bogey
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Spruce Trapdoor minecraft:spruce_trapdoor
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Blaze Burner create:blaze_burner
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Shaft create:shaft
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Large Bogey create:large_bogey