Fluid and Cargo Train

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Uploaded by uberswe

This is a combined fluid and cargo train I created for moving chocolate, milk, sugar, eggs and more.




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Large Bogey create:large_bogey
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White Seat create:white_seat
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Birch Planks minecraft:birch_planks
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Crushing Wheel create:crushing_wheel
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Blaze Burner create:blaze_burner
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Shaft create:shaft
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Portable Storage Interface create:portable_storage_interface
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Controls create:controls
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Polished Deepslate minecraft:polished_deepslate
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Orange Valve Handle create:orange_valve_handle
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Steam Whistle Extension create:steam_whistle_extension
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Framed Glass Trapdoor create:framed_glass_trapdoor
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Portable Fluid Interface create:portable_fluid_interface
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Polished Deepslate Slab minecraft:polished_deepslate_slab
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Barrel minecraft:barrel
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Brass Ladder create:brass_ladder
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Small Bogey create:small_bogey
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Fluid Tank create:fluid_tank
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Polished Deepslate Stairs minecraft:polished_deepslate_stairs
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Steam Whistle create:steam_whistle
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Spruce Trapdoor minecraft:spruce_trapdoor
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Train Door create:train_door