Ice Factory

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Uploaded by uberswe

This is an Ice Factory I created. It generates about 2000 ice per hour. When the schematic has been imported you will need to place water to power 2 water wheels. There are also stairs in the farm that all need to be waterlogged. The farm needs a player to be nearby to spawn ice and needs to be supplied with silk touched pickaxes to work. There are two valves set to turn 45 degrees, these can be right clicked to get the roof into it's slanted position as a contraption. The mechanical bearing should be set to only place blocks in it's starting position.




298  X 
Cut Diorite Bricks create:cut_diorite_bricks
1  X 
Powered Toggle Latch create:powered_toggle_latch
12  X 
Birch Fence minecraft:birch_fence
186  X 
Stone Brick Slab minecraft:stone_brick_slab
281  X 
Bricks minecraft:bricks
17  X 
Snow minecraft:snow
5  X 
Belt create:belt
16  X 
Stone Brick Wall minecraft:stone_brick_wall
58  X 
Ice minecraft:ice
3  X 
Mechanical Bearing create:mechanical_bearing
200  X 
Stone Stairs minecraft:stone_stairs
5  X 
Stone Slab minecraft:stone_slab
2  X 
Copper Valve Handle create:copper_valve_handle
21  X 
Birch Stairs minecraft:birch_stairs
105  X 
Ornate Iron Window create:ornate_iron_window
81  X 
Item Vault create:item_vault
37  X 
Gantry Shaft create:gantry_shaft
3  X 
Brass Belt Funnel create:brass_belt_funnel
1  X 
Redstone Wire minecraft:redstone_wire
1  X 
Rotation Speed Controller create:rotation_speed_controller
31  X 
Wall Lantern supplementaries:wall_lantern
2  X 
Redstone Contact create:redstone_contact
1  X 
Depot create:depot
1  X 
Gearshift create:gearshift
2  X 
Water Wheel create:water_wheel
4  X 
Stone Pressure Plate minecraft:stone_pressure_plate
267  X 
Dirt minecraft:dirt
1  X 
Gearbox create:gearbox
3  X 
Encased Chain Drive create:encased_chain_drive
48  X 
Stone Brick Stairs minecraft:stone_brick_stairs
2  X 
Copycat Step create:copycat_step
1  X 
Large Cogwheel create:large_cogwheel
1319  X 
Dark Oak Planks minecraft:dark_oak_planks
196  X 
Dark Oak Stairs minecraft:dark_oak_stairs
1  X 
Lever minecraft:lever
48  X 
Framed Glass create:framed_glass
5  X 
Wall Torch minecraft:wall_torch
180  X 
Cut Diorite Wall create:cut_diorite_wall
236  X 
Grass Block minecraft:grass_block
1300  X 
Stone minecraft:stone
4  X 
Redstone Link create:redstone_link
85  X 
Dark Oak Slab minecraft:dark_oak_slab
1  X 
Brass Funnel create:brass_funnel
1  X 
Portable Storage Interface create:portable_storage_interface
30  X 
Dark Oak Window create:dark_oak_window
1214  X 
Stone Bricks minecraft:stone_bricks
4  X 
Andesite Door create:andesite_door
9  X 
Lantern minecraft:lantern