Nether Train

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Uploaded by uberswe

This was a train I created for my "100 Create Mod ideas" video which features a nether theme. The use of ancient debris has made this one of the most expensive trains I have ever made.




28  X 
Track create:track
34  X 
Ancient Debris minecraft:ancient_debris
11  X 
Red Seat create:red_seat
57  X 
Red Nether Brick Slab minecraft:red_nether_brick_slab
6  X 
Water Wheel create:water_wheel
3  X 
Small Bogey create:small_bogey
4  X 
Red Nether Brick Wall minecraft:red_nether_brick_wall
2  X 
Piston Extension Pole create:piston_extension_pole
6  X 
Warped Trapdoor minecraft:warped_trapdoor
8  X 
Gantry Shaft create:gantry_shaft
12  X 
Framed Glass Door create:framed_glass_door
5  X 
Soul Lantern minecraft:soul_lantern
2  X 
Fluid Tank create:fluid_tank
18  X 
Crimson Trapdoor minecraft:crimson_trapdoor
55  X 
Red Nether Brick Stairs minecraft:red_nether_brick_stairs
5  X 
Brass Ladder create:brass_ladder
24  X 
Framed Glass Trapdoor create:framed_glass_trapdoor
1  X 
Steam Whistle create:steam_whistle
2  X 
Spruce Pressure Plate minecraft:spruce_pressure_plate
2  X 
Controls create:controls
1  X 
Large Bogey create:large_bogey
2  X 
Steam Whistle Extension create:steam_whistle_extension
1  X 
Blaze Burner create:blaze_burner