Simply Complicated Dark Oak Tree Farm

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Uploaded by uberswe

This is my dark oak tree farm I created for my simply complicated tree farms video. Keep in mind that the rotation might change when importing so you have to make sure that you are rotating all the shafts in the same direction as I do otherwise you will get weird behaviors. Check the video to compare my setup with yours. You will also need to add water so that dirt blocks can be turned into grass blocks.




3  X 
Content Observer create:content_observer
2  X 
Powered Toggle Latch create:powered_toggle_latch
4  X 
Mechanical Bearing create:mechanical_bearing
1  X 
Creative Motor create:creative_motor
1  X 
Spout create:spout
1  X 
Clutch create:clutch
3  X 
Barrel minecraft:barrel
6  X 
Large Cogwheel create:large_cogwheel
1  X 
Chute create:chute
2  X 
Sticky Mechanical Piston create:sticky_mechanical_piston
806  X 
Grass Block minecraft:grass_block
2  X 
Mechanical Arm create:mechanical_arm
67  X 
Shaft create:shaft
31  X 
Lantern minecraft:lantern
1  X 
Fluid Pipe create:fluid_pipe
1  X 
Mechanical Pump create:mechanical_pump
78  X 
Brass Block create:brass_block
1  X 
Brass Belt Funnel create:brass_belt_funnel
86  X 
Brass Casing create:brass_casing
2  X 
Radial Chassis create:radial_chassis
7  X 
Pulse Repeater create:pulse_repeater
2  X 
Mechanical Saw create:mechanical_saw
6  X 
Redstone Contact create:redstone_contact
14  X 
Belt create:belt
1004  X 
Dark Oak Planks minecraft:dark_oak_planks
1  X 
Andesite Belt Funnel create:andesite_belt_funnel
15  X 
Tripwire minecraft:tripwire
27  X 
Dark Oak Stairs minecraft:dark_oak_stairs
1  X 
Encased Fluid Pipe create:encased_fluid_pipe
377  X 
Polished Cut Diorite create:polished_cut_diorite
5  X 
Cogwheel create:cogwheel
4  X 
Stone Button minecraft:stone_button
33  X 
Linear Chassis create:linear_chassis
2  X 
Contraption Controls create:contraption_controls
8  X 
Deployer create:deployer
1  X 
Mechanical Piston Head create:mechanical_piston_head
16  X 
Redstone Link create:redstone_link
32  X 
Dirt minecraft:dirt
81  X 
Item Vault create:item_vault
2  X 
Redstone Wire minecraft:redstone_wire
35  X 
Encased Chain Drive create:encased_chain_drive
5  X 
Rotation Speed Controller create:rotation_speed_controller
1  X 
Spruce Leaves minecraft:spruce_leaves
9  X 
Gearbox create:gearbox
60  X 
Birch Fence minecraft:birch_fence
2  X 
Depot create:depot
770  X 
Birch Planks minecraft:birch_planks
5  X 
Sequenced Gearshift create:sequenced_gearshift
2  X 
Copper Casing create:copper_casing
1  X 
Gearshift create:gearshift
4  X 
Dark Oak Trapdoor minecraft:dark_oak_trapdoor
5  X 
Piston Extension Pole create:piston_extension_pole
4  X 
Mechanical Drill create:mechanical_drill
1653  X 
Stone minecraft:stone