The Grand Tour

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Uploaded by uberswe

I built this train for a tour of my Create Mod Server where I traveled over 10000 blocks by train.




1  X 
Large Bogey create:large_bogey
5  X 
Coal Block minecraft:coal_block
1  X 
Dark Oak Window Pane create:dark_oak_window_pane
24  X 
Shaft create:shaft
27  X 
Polished Cut Deepslate Wall create:polished_cut_deepslate_wall
16  X 
Stripped Oak Log minecraft:stripped_oak_log
2  X 
Steam Whistle Extension create:steam_whistle_extension
24  X 
Train Trapdoor create:train_trapdoor
1  X 
Blaze Burner create:blaze_burner
96  X 
Polished Cut Deepslate Stairs create:polished_cut_deepslate_stairs
1  X 
Peculiar Bell create:peculiar_bell
37  X 
Spruce Trapdoor minecraft:spruce_trapdoor
2  X 
Barrel minecraft:barrel
18  X 
Framed Glass Trapdoor create:framed_glass_trapdoor
1  X 
Red Toolbox create:red_toolbox
2  X 
Steam Whistle create:steam_whistle
68  X 
Polished Cut Deepslate Slab create:polished_cut_deepslate_slab
1  X 
Glowstone minecraft:glowstone
55  X 
Polished Cut Deepslate create:polished_cut_deepslate
3  X 
Fluid Tank create:fluid_tank
4  X 
Piston Extension Pole create:piston_extension_pole
6  X 
Small Bogey create:small_bogey
30  X 
Train Door create:train_door
16  X 
Black Wool minecraft:black_wool
9  X 
White Seat create:white_seat
10  X 
Andesite Ladder create:andesite_ladder
4  X 
Dark Oak Trapdoor minecraft:dark_oak_trapdoor
4  X 
Lantern minecraft:lantern
2  X 
Controls create:controls